Not So Snow Day

Today I am extra disappointed that I still have one class despite the huge amount of snow plus a layer of ice on top of it. Poor little HalBal can’t even go to the bathroom because she is unsure of how/where to go without falling through the layer of ice 😦

Because of this ridiculous weather I couldn’t go out for my second training run today. Which I was unsure of doing in the first place because I am sore out of my mind after yesterday! So instead I googled “online yoga course” and found this cool website with a really great video that was just a half hour practice of simple stretching and relaxing.

My muscles thanked me and I really needed the deep breathing (: 

I’m off now to the grocery to buy some chicken to make a spinach and chicken salad for work tonight, more almond butter, and definitely going to see if Giant Eagle (still giving Kroger the silent treatment) has any fruit currently on sale *fingers crossed.*

Wish Hal and I luck battling the snow out there! Stay safe if you are also experiencing these horrid conditions!!


Executive Decisions

Reading the blog has inspired me to be consistent and get back to keeping track of my lifestyle and it’s ever-changing flow 🙂

Last week was an extremely tough week for me. With a lot of quizzes, homework, and a presentation, working 3 long shifts at one of my jobs, and being sick of never feeling like I was full after eating so much protein, salad, veggies, fruit, etc. I felt like I was spending $30+ for two days of food. Finally on Thursday I came home almost in tears because I was so hungry after barely eating breakfast (I’m sick of eggs). So I tried to make a raspberry smoothie with the remaining frozen berries I had, almond milk, and ice cubes (kroger was out of bananas when I went to the grocery on Monday) (I told you this week was tough). And after 15 minutes of working on the damn thing it wound up tasteless and wouldn’t even pour out of my blender #firstworldproblems

That night I went to the grocery store completely depleted and starting to realize I needed to make a change to my diet. I wasn’t happy and my body was telling me almost everyday that it was miserable. SO! With that in mind I went to Giant Eagle (kroger is getting the silent treatment since they were out of bananas) and bought a huge thing of bananas and two bags of spinach along with some other necessities like BOGO lays chips (yea). And as I was driving home with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand in the bbq lays bag, I felt nothing but glee. I was making a conscious choice to loosen the reins for myself and nothing had ever made me feel instantly better after a long and awful week.

So with that in mind, here are a few adjustments I have made to MY paleo diet:

  • Being a college student who works three jobs, I have to go for long periods of time without being able to eat a legitimate meal. Even with packing and prepping as much as possible, I still find myself ravenously hungry throughout the day. Because of this I have decided to reincorporate grains back into my diet. I will avoid white flour as much as possible and try to only eat things like oats and quinoa and actual slices of bread when I absolutely know I will need the energy.
  • I have an extreme sweet tooth. I’m not sure what the medical term for this is but whenever I don’t have sugar for a certain period of time I’m prone to feeling lightheaded and murderous. Occasionally I will actually get sick or pass out but that hasn’t happened in a long time. So needless to say I need to incorporate more sugars into my diet.Keeping a lot of fruit around has been helpful and what’s been a lifesaver so far (aside from my mom buying me 2 pints of buckeye blitz from graeter’s…thanks mom) are the chocolate banana almond butter bites my mom and I have been making. I need to always keep those around for when I need a sugar fix.

Tying (spelling?) into that a little bit, I’m really excited to say that I have started my training for the half-marathon that my mom, sister, and I will be doing in a few short months! This morning and all throughout this week I’ll run about 2 miles then this weekend make it 3 miles and keep on building up from there. Another reason I am okay with bringing grains back into my diet; I need to refuel after a run and make it through a long day of classes! So right now I am munching down on some cinnamon oatmeal (about a cup) and one ‘naner.

That’s one thing I love about Julie of She exercises and eats an awesome balance of really healthy food and just plain good food. She’s not the paleo snob I thought I had to be at the restaurant who says “can I like, order the sushi but like without the sushi part?” no one likes that person. She exercises, she eats well but she still enjoys herself and delicious food. Like her husband brought her home a tub of their favorite icing in celebration for something that I’m forgetting right now and they went out to dinner and came home and had some spoonfuls of it together before bed. What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing.

One thing that Julie also does a lot is take her dog on hikes with her. Now being here in Ohio I’m not lucky enough to have the perfect weather of Florida all year round; however, when it starts to get warmer Hallie Berry and I are going to start hitting the trails!

  • Side note: right as I typed that I heard her sigh on my bed behind me. I turned around to look and she is sprawled out on her back totally passed out

But still! We will persevere!! I can see the book/movie description now:

“A lovely young lady with grace and beauty…and her human owner, go out into the wilderness to explore stuff and work the booty despite just wanting to stay in bed.”

I can’t wait for what the future has in store for me and Halgirl and I can’t wait to keep track of it on here! Until next time!



(That’s the extent of my knowledge on the French language…..I studied it for 7 years……I don’t know what happened)

Anyway!! I hope whomever is reading is having a great evening and staying warm during these chilly months! For some reason Halmonster has wanted to go outside so much today (must be a new dog in the neighborhood) and now she is working on burying the same bone for the third time tonight in a new location….so she’s a little busy!

Yesterday was a great day in regards to my new dive into the paleo lifestyle! I made this yuuuuuummy breakfast complete with 1 scrambled egg with a bunch of sliced turkey, a handful of grapes, and the last (sad) of the muffins that I made (actually it wasn’t the last one; my mom ate the last one..thanks mom). Then this morning I had a preeeetty good smoothie although it could have been more flavorful. All I really had to put in it were bananas, grapes, and coconut milk so the flavor was relatively mild. I need to stock up on my fruits. So here are some pictures below!



Unfortunately I was so busy today going straight from work in the morning to two classes that last until 4pm that I didn’t even have time to eat the sad little salad with carrots, lemon, and grapes that I packed for myself to snack on so this was all I had until I could get home and warm up some leftover chicken and sweet potato fries for lunch (which I’m about to eat again for dinner and am still actively excited about it!)

The feat of my paleo day yesterday was the glorious Banana Cream Pie that my mom and I crafted! Here is the recipe that we kind of went off of so a couple things about this…recipe:

  • I did not use stevia like the recipe called for, instead I probably used about a tablespoon of honey; I know this is still not 100% paleo approved but I felt better about it than using an artificial sweetener
  • The thing that threw my mom and I through a loop was the whole coconut cream aspect. I googled coconut cream and the internet (I’m stupid) said it was the same thing as coconut milk. It’s not. Coconut cream is much thicker and able to whip to create the consistency desired for a pie. 
  • Just a tip, you’d think you’d be able to find something like this in a baking aisle or something of that subcategory. You are wrong. If you are looking for coconut cream or “cream of coconut” in your local grocery store, check the mixed drinks section. A lot of people apparently use it for Pina Coladas. 
  • Like the recipe says it so casually like “Oh yeah just grab yourself a can of coconut cream! Haha! Lol! Jokes am I right?!?”
  • Nope. shut it.

So! Eventually with the help of a great employee at the grocery store my mom retrieved the coconut cream and after over an hour in the freezer something magical appeared


Thinking it tastes as good as it looks? Wrong. It tasted better. 

So that accomplished my goal of finding something more commonly known as a sweet treat in a paleo atmosphere. My next goal is to accustom myself to the idea of hard-boiled eggs (yikes) apparently they can be really good and I see them everywhere when people post stuff about how they meal prep for the week on a paleo diet. Please stay tuned to find out! For now I’m diving into my last piece of chicken and sweet potato fries; gotta go!


Snow Day!

Hello! Hal the nugget refused to come out from under the comforter (it’s currently -7 degrees here) for fear of becoming cold so here is a late night blog post from the both of us 🙂

Today had a great start with sleeping in thanks to my university for calling a snow day! We had a late breakfast of an omelette with red peppers and one of the muffins I had baked a few(couple?) days ago! For me, this is highly unusual because I reeeally dislike the taste, consistency, and general existence of the concept of eating eggs. Something about the word “eggy” and the taste of them when they get cold makes me cringe. But I knew I wasn’t going to eat again until a big dinner tonight so I needed something to get me through the day. I used three eggs to make the omelette which was a little bit too much for me so Hal ended up getting a few big chunks since she was conveniently standing very close by the whole time 😉 here is a picture I took of brunch:


I was completely satisfied until a handful or so of almonds before my trip to the grocery store for the week.

When I first started taking this new lifestyle change into serious consideration I purchased a book with guidelines and recipes to help get me started and give me ideas. The book is The Paleo Primer from Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore. From this book I found a recipe that inspired my dinner for tonight which was exciting; the original recipe was for Turmeric and Black Pepper Chicken with Rainbow Veg. The following are a few alterations I made to this recipe to fit me:

  • I switched out the turmeric spice for curry powder because I couldn’t find it in the store and curry powder was cheaper! (because let’s be honest…turmeric)
  • I replaced the “Rainbow Veg” part with sweet potato fries because of my more recent dinner a few nights ago that had sauteed veggies as a main part; I wanted to mix it up a little and get something that would really fill me up
  • Finally, the instructions for the chicken say to prepare it in all the spices then stick it in the oven but I decided to cook it on a large skillet first (best Christmas present ever) so the outsides would get really crispy. I stovetopped it for about 10 minutes then stuck it in the oven for about a half hour more to finish the deed. 

And let me tell you, shit was righteous.



With curry and garlic powder along with a hefty amount of black pepper on each drumstick, it’s safe to say I will be eating this for the rest of the week and making it again soon after. Plus this chicken was all natural etc etc and I got it for under $5. Yea. I know. What??

Anyways the hardest part about this diet for me has been resisting sweets. I have a huge sweet tooth and some refer to me as a bit of a cookie monster (yea it’s that bad) so I want to try and find some sweet treats that are simultaneously paleo and a little closer to a normal dessert than the banana bites I made that I’m sure my mom is eating as she is reading this (save some for me, mom, jeez) 😉

Hope you are staying warm ! Talk to you soon!

Lucky Number 3

On our third day of being new “paleoists” Hallie Berry and I had a great day as far as food goes!

We slept in this morning which was absolutely wonderful so we skipped straight to lunch. I (Harris) went out with family to a new restaurant in Columbus, Melt – Bar and Grilled. This was my first time eating out in a place I had never been to before and trying to make it work with paleo. I was not in the mood to settle for a salad so I went for the big time: a ground steak burger topped with romaine lettuce and sauteed green peppers with a side of mustard. Of course, no bun no cheese. One detail I forgot about was to ask our waitress to replace the fries with a side salad or something else so I was stuck trying to ignore the pile of fried deliciousness on my plate!! The burger was excellent and I felt great and satisfied after we left.

Since I had to be at work at 6pm this evening I was already thinking about what kind of quick snacks I wanted to prepare to eat during my allotted 15 minute break. So I opted for two things: one was a recipe found on this blog called Banana Almond Flour Muffins. They. Are. Delicious!! Here’s a few shots of how they turned out. Perfect for a filling bite-sized snack


Maybe I’ll splurge a little bit for breakfast tomorrow and heat these up in the microwave with a little butter on top 🙂

Next on my snack making agenda were Frozen Banana Almond Butter Bites Unfortunately I had some issues with this recipe. The instructions say to freeze the banana slices, put a little bit of nut butter on top, then roll in melted chocolate. I would LOVE to see the person who made this recipe roll a banana slice with gooey nut butter on top into some gooey chocolate; because let me tell you, shit is impossible. As you can see in the picture I’m posting, I had to improvise several times before I found a winning combination. I ended up making a sandwich out of two slices and almond butter, then dipping half of that in chocolate (still oddly difficult) then rolling the chocolate dipped half in crushed almonds, then freezing the whole batch. 


Either way, once I figured out the best way to do it, they were super great and a fun snack to come home to after work. Since I work in an ice cream shoppe resisting tasting ice cream all shift is a huge milestone for me but I still need a little something sweet 🙂

Hope you are having a good night and/or sleeping by now! I know I’m headed there asap!


A Post from Harris

Hallie (or Hallie Berry as I sometimes call her) fell asleep for the night so I’m taking over this second post for today so record what my second day of Paleo life has been like.

For breakfast this morning I had another banana despite me not being that hungry usually in the mornings. I am awaiting the long awaited purchase of a blender soon so that I can make one of the many yummy paleo smoothies that I have saved recipe’s for! 

For lunch I found a quick recipe on Pinterest where you slice up a bell pepper (I only needed a half of one), spread on a little bit of guacamole, and wrap the pepper n guac up slice by slice in pieces of sliced turkey (below). It was really delicious and extra filling especially after a light breakfast.



Hallie Berry was super interested in the turkey slices that were falling apart so she snagged a couple chunks of those 🙂

By the time I got home from a big shopping outing with my Mom, I was starving! And less than $14 and 30 minutes later I created this masterpiece!! (Don’t mean to toot my own horn but it was actually good and that never happens to me lol)


Coconut baked chicken with pepper, garlic powder, and sea salt. Sauteed vegetables made with extra virgin olive oil, chili powder, and pepper. With just a little but of ketchup on the side (wanted to run out of what we had before buying a new thing of organic/all natural ketchup). 

I seriously did not realize the power of seasoning(s) but it made this meal EXTRA delicious and the chicken was really filling which made for a great dinner that made me excited about this new and gradual lifestyle change. To top off this great day Hal and I are snuggled up on the couch working our way through Lost. If you’re reading, I hope you are having a happy and cozy evening just like us 🙂


A Ruff Start

Hello again!

Here’s an update on the past few days on Harris and mine’s new dive into the paleolithic lifestyle! She started the day off on Thursday the 2nd on a little less food than what she should have been (but I always think there should be more food so who knows). For breakfast she had a banana before work and I had multiple belly rubs since I am stubborn and don’t eat my dry food!

Lunch was a bit more exciting, however. You can see me pictured here with some fresh out of the oven spaghetti squash with tomato sauce (seasoned with black pepper and garlic powder yum!)



photo 1-002


Then onto her second job and shift of the day, Harris packed some of that to-go with a full bag of steamed broccoli (she loves it but as a lady dog: gross!)

photo 3-001


“Super filling and oh so delicious! Seriously no taste difference between this and regular pasta but a huge difference in healthiness!” – Harris

I hope if you are reading that you keep going to see what kind of delicious treats we (things that I like too!) got into today on January 3rd! Post to come!

Hi there!

Hungover HallieHello world!

My name is Hallie and I am a Chihuahua/basenji mixed lady dog battling the beginning stages right now of becoming paleo with my owner and best friend for life, Harris. We made it our stereotypical New Year’s Resolution to start eating better, feeling better, and all around just have more energy and happiness throughout the day. As a canine, I personally am a big lover of the meat food group so starting to eat like hunters and gatherers is something I am fully excited about.

As I’m sure most of you did, last night Harris and I celebrated New Year’s Eve pretty heavily; we both woke up feeling a bit under the weather this morning (hence embarrassing picture) (how did I even get to the bottom of the bed) so the grand start to our new lifestyle was put to a halt until tomorrow while we took today to munch on mom’s homemade beef bourguignon, salad, spaghetti squash, (here’s where it takes a turn for the worst) along with some Christmas cookies. After all, the cavemen never dealt with post-new year’s headaches so today didn’t really apply 😉

Anyhoo! We are officially beginning our journey tomorrow, albeit a gradual transition while Harris figures out the best ways to make eating paleo an affordable and simultaneously delicious college lifestyle. More to come soon!