Hi there!

Hungover HallieHello world!

My name is Hallie and I am a Chihuahua/basenji mixed lady dog battling the beginning stages right now of becoming paleo with my owner and best friend for life, Harris. We made it our stereotypical New Year’s Resolution to start eating better, feeling better, and all around just have more energy and happiness throughout the day. As a canine, I personally am a big lover of the meat food group so starting to eat like hunters and gatherers is something I am fully excited about.

As I’m sure most of you did, last night Harris and I celebrated New Year’s Eve pretty heavily; we both woke up feeling a bit under the weather this morning (hence embarrassing picture) (how did I even get to the bottom of the bed) so the grand start to our new lifestyle was put to a halt until tomorrow while we took today to munch on mom’s homemade beef bourguignon, salad, spaghetti squash, (here’s where it takes a turn for the worst) along with some Christmas cookies. After all, the cavemen never dealt with post-new year’s headaches so today didn’t really apply 😉

Anyhoo! We are officially beginning our journey tomorrow, albeit a gradual transition while Harris figures out the best ways to make eating paleo an affordable and simultaneously delicious college lifestyle. More to come soon!


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