A Post from Harris

Hallie (or Hallie Berry as I sometimes call her) fell asleep for the night so I’m taking over this second post for today so record what my second day of Paleo life has been like.

For breakfast this morning I had another banana despite me not being that hungry usually in the mornings. I am awaiting the long awaited purchase of a blender soon so that I can make one of the many yummy paleo smoothies that I have saved recipe’s for! 

For lunch I found a quick recipe on Pinterest where you slice up a bell pepper (I only needed a half of one), spread on a little bit of guacamole, and wrap the pepper n guac up slice by slice in pieces of sliced turkey (below). It was really delicious and extra filling especially after a light breakfast.



Hallie Berry was super interested in the turkey slices that were falling apart so she snagged a couple chunks of those 🙂

By the time I got home from a big shopping outing with my Mom, I was starving! And less than $14 and 30 minutes later I created this masterpiece!! (Don’t mean to toot my own horn but it was actually good and that never happens to me lol)


Coconut baked chicken with pepper, garlic powder, and sea salt. Sauteed vegetables made with extra virgin olive oil, chili powder, and pepper. With just a little but of ketchup on the side (wanted to run out of what we had before buying a new thing of organic/all natural ketchup). 

I seriously did not realize the power of seasoning(s) but it made this meal EXTRA delicious and the chicken was really filling which made for a great dinner that made me excited about this new and gradual lifestyle change. To top off this great day Hal and I are snuggled up on the couch working our way through Lost. If you’re reading, I hope you are having a happy and cozy evening just like us 🙂



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