A Ruff Start

Hello again!

Here’s an update on the past few days on Harris and mine’s new dive into the paleolithic lifestyle! She started the day off on Thursday the 2nd on a little less food than what she should have been (but I always think there should be more food so who knows). For breakfast she had a banana before work and I had multiple belly rubs since I am stubborn and don’t eat my dry food!

Lunch was a bit more exciting, however. You can see me pictured here with some fresh out of the oven spaghetti squash with tomato sauce (seasoned with black pepper and garlic powder yum!)



photo 1-002


Then onto her second job and shift of the day, Harris packed some of that to-go with a full bag of steamed broccoli (she loves it but as a lady dog: gross!)

photo 3-001


“Super filling and oh so delicious! Seriously no taste difference between this and regular pasta but a huge difference in healthiness!” – Harris

I hope if you are reading that you keep going to see what kind of delicious treats we (things that I like too!) got into today on January 3rd! Post to come!


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