Lucky Number 3

On our third day of being new “paleoists” Hallie Berry and I had a great day as far as food goes!

We slept in this morning which was absolutely wonderful so we skipped straight to lunch. I (Harris) went out with family to a new restaurant in Columbus, Melt – Bar and Grilled. This was my first time eating out in a place I had never been to before and trying to make it work with paleo. I was not in the mood to settle for a salad so I went for the big time: a ground steak burger topped with romaine lettuce and sauteed green peppers with a side of mustard. Of course, no bun no cheese. One detail I forgot about was to ask our waitress to replace the fries with a side salad or something else so I was stuck trying to ignore the pile of fried deliciousness on my plate!! The burger was excellent and I felt great and satisfied after we left.

Since I had to be at work at 6pm this evening I was already thinking about what kind of quick snacks I wanted to prepare to eat during my allotted 15 minute break. So I opted for two things: one was a recipe found on this blog called Banana Almond Flour Muffins. They. Are. Delicious!! Here’s a few shots of how they turned out. Perfect for a filling bite-sized snack


Maybe I’ll splurge a little bit for breakfast tomorrow and heat these up in the microwave with a little butter on top 🙂

Next on my snack making agenda were Frozen Banana Almond Butter Bites Unfortunately I had some issues with this recipe. The instructions say to freeze the banana slices, put a little bit of nut butter on top, then roll in melted chocolate. I would LOVE to see the person who made this recipe roll a banana slice with gooey nut butter on top into some gooey chocolate; because let me tell you, shit is impossible. As you can see in the picture I’m posting, I had to improvise several times before I found a winning combination. I ended up making a sandwich out of two slices and almond butter, then dipping half of that in chocolate (still oddly difficult) then rolling the chocolate dipped half in crushed almonds, then freezing the whole batch. 


Either way, once I figured out the best way to do it, they were super great and a fun snack to come home to after work. Since I work in an ice cream shoppe resisting tasting ice cream all shift is a huge milestone for me but I still need a little something sweet 🙂

Hope you are having a good night and/or sleeping by now! I know I’m headed there asap!



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