Snow Day!

Hello! Hal the nugget refused to come out from under the comforter (it’s currently -7 degrees here) for fear of becoming cold so here is a late night blog post from the both of us 🙂

Today had a great start with sleeping in thanks to my university for calling a snow day! We had a late breakfast of an omelette with red peppers and one of the muffins I had baked a few(couple?) days ago! For me, this is highly unusual because I reeeally dislike the taste, consistency, and general existence of the concept of eating eggs. Something about the word “eggy” and the taste of them when they get cold makes me cringe. But I knew I wasn’t going to eat again until a big dinner tonight so I needed something to get me through the day. I used three eggs to make the omelette which was a little bit too much for me so Hal ended up getting a few big chunks since she was conveniently standing very close by the whole time 😉 here is a picture I took of brunch:


I was completely satisfied until a handful or so of almonds before my trip to the grocery store for the week.

When I first started taking this new lifestyle change into serious consideration I purchased a book with guidelines and recipes to help get me started and give me ideas. The book is The Paleo Primer from Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore. From this book I found a recipe that inspired my dinner for tonight which was exciting; the original recipe was for Turmeric and Black Pepper Chicken with Rainbow Veg. The following are a few alterations I made to this recipe to fit me:

  • I switched out the turmeric spice for curry powder because I couldn’t find it in the store and curry powder was cheaper! (because let’s be honest…turmeric)
  • I replaced the “Rainbow Veg” part with sweet potato fries because of my more recent dinner a few nights ago that had sauteed veggies as a main part; I wanted to mix it up a little and get something that would really fill me up
  • Finally, the instructions for the chicken say to prepare it in all the spices then stick it in the oven but I decided to cook it on a large skillet first (best Christmas present ever) so the outsides would get really crispy. I stovetopped it for about 10 minutes then stuck it in the oven for about a half hour more to finish the deed. 

And let me tell you, shit was righteous.



With curry and garlic powder along with a hefty amount of black pepper on each drumstick, it’s safe to say I will be eating this for the rest of the week and making it again soon after. Plus this chicken was all natural etc etc and I got it for under $5. Yea. I know. What??

Anyways the hardest part about this diet for me has been resisting sweets. I have a huge sweet tooth and some refer to me as a bit of a cookie monster (yea it’s that bad) so I want to try and find some sweet treats that are simultaneously paleo and a little closer to a normal dessert than the banana bites I made that I’m sure my mom is eating as she is reading this (save some for me, mom, jeez) 😉

Hope you are staying warm ! Talk to you soon!


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