(That’s the extent of my knowledge on the French language…..I studied it for 7 years……I don’t know what happened)

Anyway!! I hope whomever is reading is having a great evening and staying warm during these chilly months! For some reason Halmonster has wanted to go outside so much today (must be a new dog in the neighborhood) and now she is working on burying the same bone for the third time tonight in a new location….so she’s a little busy!

Yesterday was a great day in regards to my new dive into the paleo lifestyle! I made this yuuuuuummy breakfast complete with 1 scrambled egg with a bunch of sliced turkey, a handful of grapes, and the last (sad) of the muffins that I made (actually it wasn’t the last one; my mom ate the last one..thanks mom). Then this morning I had a preeeetty good smoothie although it could have been more flavorful. All I really had to put in it were bananas, grapes, and coconut milk so the flavor was relatively mild. I need to stock up on my fruits. So here are some pictures below!



Unfortunately I was so busy today going straight from work in the morning to two classes that last until 4pm that I didn’t even have time to eat the sad little salad with carrots, lemon, and grapes that I packed for myself to snack on so this was all I had until I could get home and warm up some leftover chicken and sweet potato fries for lunch (which I’m about to eat again for dinner and am still actively excited about it!)

The feat of my paleo day yesterday was the glorious Banana Cream Pie that my mom and I crafted! Here is the recipe that we kind of went off of so a couple things about this…recipe:

  • I did not use stevia like the recipe called for, instead I probably used about a tablespoon of honey; I know this is still not 100% paleo approved but I felt better about it than using an artificial sweetener
  • The thing that threw my mom and I through a loop was the whole coconut cream aspect. I googled coconut cream and the internet (I’m stupid) said it was the same thing as coconut milk. It’s not. Coconut cream is much thicker and able to whip to create the consistency desired for a pie. 
  • Just a tip, you’d think you’d be able to find something like this in a baking aisle or something of that subcategory. You are wrong. If you are looking for coconut cream or “cream of coconut” in your local grocery store, check the mixed drinks section. A lot of people apparently use it for Pina Coladas. 
  • Like the recipe says it so casually like “Oh yeah just grab yourself a can of coconut cream! Haha! Lol! Jokes am I right?!?”
  • Nope. shut it.

So! Eventually with the help of a great employee at the grocery store my mom retrieved the coconut cream and after over an hour in the freezer something magical appeared


Thinking it tastes as good as it looks? Wrong. It tasted better. 

So that accomplished my goal of finding something more commonly known as a sweet treat in a paleo atmosphere. My next goal is to accustom myself to the idea of hard-boiled eggs (yikes) apparently they can be really good and I see them everywhere when people post stuff about how they meal prep for the week on a paleo diet. Please stay tuned to find out! For now I’m diving into my last piece of chicken and sweet potato fries; gotta go!



2 thoughts on “Paleoistas!!

    • Wow! Thank you for clarifying that, Sarah. I am always lumping stevia and splenda in the same category as sugar substitutes but of course I stand corrected. Thanks again and thanks for the amazing recipe!

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