Not So Snow Day

Today I am extra disappointed that I still have one class despite the huge amount of snow plus a layer of ice on top of it. Poor little HalBal can’t even go to the bathroom because she is unsure of how/where to go without falling through the layer of ice 😦

Because of this ridiculous weather I couldn’t go out for my second training run today. Which I was unsure of doing in the first place because I am sore out of my mind after yesterday! So instead I googled “online yoga course” and found this cool website with a really great video that was just a half hour practice of simple stretching and relaxing.

My muscles thanked me and I really needed the deep breathing (: 

I’m off now to the grocery to buy some chicken to make a spinach and chicken salad for work tonight, more almond butter, and definitely going to see if Giant Eagle (still giving Kroger the silent treatment) has any fruit currently on sale *fingers crossed.*

Wish Hal and I luck battling the snow out there! Stay safe if you are also experiencing these horrid conditions!!


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